CHN is a network of volunteers from churches throughout the United States of America and throughout the nations. Our mission and passion is to carry on the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Testimonial - I.M.I. Bible College & Seminary


May 2004

I believe each one of us has been given a dream regarding goals and standards to set and accomplish in our lifetime. For many, reaching these goals, while challenging, will become reality in time. Those who are blessed with supportive family and friends, who inspire confidence and practical helps, will perhaps reach their goal with those cheering him or her on in the background. This is something we all strive to do for our children and grandchildren, and with God’s help, each one will reach his or her greatest potential in life.

Others, due to life’s circumstances may have to place those dreams on hold, and keep those thoughts and dreams alive somewhere in the back of their mind.

Days, and then years go by, and we wonder whatever happened to that dream? We just sigh, and think “someday it will happen.”

I had such a dream. When I was eight years old I became very ill, and the diagnoses was polio. Doctors said that I would never walk again! Day after day, alone in my room, I would talk to Jesus and pour out my heart to him. One day I felt as if He was telling me that I would walk again, and He gave me the strength to move and try to get out of bed. Little by little I grew stronger, and one day I stood up and walked those first steps. I remember calling my mother into my room, and crying, telling her that Jesus healed me! The doctor agreed that this was indeed a miracle, and that I was on my way to recovery. Praise God! After that, I purposed in my heart that I would tell the whole world about  Jesus and how He healed me, and that if He did it for me, He would do it for them.

Time went on in my life, and I married, had two beautiful daughters, and worked in offices now and then while raising my children. I was primarily a homemaker, staying   home to take care of my precious family. In time I started volunteer work at church, and then became a prayer partner for the television program The 700 Club. This changed my life drastically, and I found where I was supposed to be. I loved answering the phones, and after a few years I became the Day Supervisor. When our center was closed down, we remained open as the Christian Hope Network, and I became Assistant Director, and Prayer Chain Coordinator of 700 intercessors. During those times, my desire was to become better equipped academically and spiritually as I ministered to others.

In 1993 at the age of 53, God prompted me to enroll in I.M.I. Bible College & Seminary. The standards of excellence both academically and spiritually were exactly what I was looking for. Since that time, I have earned my Associate of Ministry; Bachelor of Ministry; received my license and ordination; Master of Ministry; and recently this year my Ph.D. in Ministry. My theses, “Agape Prayer Net Manual” has been instrumental in helping to start prayer ministries around the world. Upon earning my Bachelor’s Degree the Lord opened up doors quickly, increasing all areas of our ministry. In 1996 I became Director of the Christian Hope Network, and have recently earned the title of Vice-President.

Our new ministry, ACTS TODAY is born from my Dissertation “Hope for the New Frontier of Heroes, A Caregiver’s Survival Guide.” Our goal is to give honor along with practical helps and resources to caregivers who give so much of themselves to others. Our caregiving seminars will offer tips for practical, physical and spiritual support to help the caregiver along the way. Our online support group will be a wonderful help to those who are homebound caring for a loved one. If you are in a caregiving situation, sign up today by clicking on the Chat room link on our home page, or e-mail

All of these exciting and wonderful ministries could not have taken place without going the distance to further my education. There was just so much to learn in order to be fully equipped for this wonderful ministry. I am forever grateful to Dr. Mary A. Bruno, Vice Chancellor of I.M.I. Bible College for the excellence in curriculum offered, the encouragement given to me when I felt overwhelmed, tired and completely inadequate, and for her obedience to the call on her life to equip the saints for ministry. Throughout the years she has grown to become a very dear and precious friend, and an incredible supporter of CHN in our ministries. May God bless her abundantly!

It is never too late to follow your dream. You may be thinking, “I’ll be 40, or 50, or even 64, when I complete my education or training that I will need to change or further my life’s work.” If what you feel called to do is from God, my advice is to “go for it!” You can do it! If God is in it, He will see to it that every opportunity is given to you. He will bring people into your life, as He did in mine, to help you along the way. He will give you the wisdom, and the stamina to complete your studies or training, and He will provide the finances. If He did it for me, He will do it for you. Dreams can come true! 

In His Service,
Rev. Barbara Anne Yovino, Ph.D.
Vice-President, Christian Hope Network