CHN is a network of volunteers from churches throughout the United States of America and throughout the nations. Our mission and passion is to carry on the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ.

August 2007

“He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The Lord shall hold them in derision.”  (Psalm 2:4)


Dear Friend,

Greetings! Trusting that all is well with you and your loved ones. We are all fine, and rejoicing in the Goodness of God. Each season brings new insights as to God’s plan and purpose for our life and ministry. It is such a joy to have a season where we can take time to rest and ponder upon His purposes. August is such a time. The weather is warm, the trees and flowers are at their best, full and colorful, the sky is a beautiful blue with soft clouds lazily passing by. If we take the time to soak this all in and rest, God will speak to us, and we will hear. As I sit on my porch writing to you, I am taking in the quietness and beauty all around me. Children are playing in the streets, and mothers are congregating on stoops talking and laughing. There is so much going on in the world right now, that I am sure they are also discussing the latest issues. I pray for each one, the mothers and the children, that they might know that no matter what goes on in the world, we have a God greater than any situation! I also pray that they will be grounded and rooted in God’s Word so that they will grow strong and bear good fruit. This prayer is for you and your loved ones too!

Christians, like everyone else, all experience emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, doubt, and joy. Let’s be honest here. Anyone who says that we should never feel such things is in denial. God created us to live, to feel, and to experience life! When we search the Bible, we find that the Prophets and followers of Christ all went through times of great trial and times of intense joy. David had more ups and downs than anyone and he was a man after God’s own heart! We should not be hard on ourselves when we find we are feeling down as we go through a valley experience. And we should not feel guilty for feeling great joy in the good times! It means we are truly alive! I love the Psalms especially, because each one was written from the deepest gut level, expressing such thoughts and emotions from the human spirit. When we pray and talk to God, how do we do it? Is it by rote, or pressure, because we have to say our prayers? Or is it with deep emotion, reaching out to Him with all that we are experiencing at the time? Just think for a moment. If you are starving and a hungry bear enters your kitchen and eats your dinner, how are you going to feel? Angry? Frustrated? Frightened? Sure! All of these things and more! This is normal!

When David prayed, he cried out to God with his whole heart and his whole soul! He wanted answers! He wanted deliverance from his enemies! He wanted victory in every circumstance! He says in Psalm 6:6 “I am weary from my groaning, All night I make my bed swim; I drench my couch with my tears.”  Then as he prayed, he said “The Lord has heard the voice of my supplication; The Lord will receive my prayer. Let all my enemies be ashamed and greatly troubled; Let them turn back and be ashamed suddenly.” Vs. 9,10. When David prayed, he prayed with faith knowing that he was heard and that God would answer.

How then, are we to pray? With all our might, with all our strength, and with faith knowing that He will answer! How do we know that? Because God says so! He says in Psalm 2 vs. 8  “Ask of Me, and I will  give you the nations for your inheritance.” Did you know that God laughs at our enemy? It says so in vs. 4! “He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall hold them in derision.” I like what it says next... “Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, And distress them in His displeasure.” Wow! All the things that concern us, all the things that get us down, and worried, and frazzled over, are nothing for God to handle! He laughs! He is greater than our enemy, He is greater than anything that can come against us! He is greater than sickness, greater than the bills lying on the table, greater than the enemy who tries to steal the minds of our children, greater than the enemy who wants to discourage us! Glory! We get so uptight, so sick over things, and meanwhile our Heavenly Father laughs at the things we are concerned about, because He is Greater, and nothing is impossible with Him!

He is our Daddy! When the enemy comes against us, He is there as a Roaring Lion because one of His kids is hurting! And in His strength, He looks at the enemy, who is a peanut next to Him and He laughs! Glory to God!

We can then say as the Psalmist said “But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, My glory and the One who lifts up my head. I cried to the Lord with my voice, And He heard me from His holy hill.” Psalm 3:3,4. Notice that he says he cried to the Lord with his voice! He didn’t just think jumbled thoughts, or grumble, he took his heart cry and voiced out loud what he needed! He was passionate in what he wanted! His enemies were after him and his life was in danger, and he was passionate about wanting deliverance! How passionate are we when we pray? How serious are we when we come before our Lord and bring our petitions? Are we, as the psalmist was, crying out with all our might to the One Person who can face our enemy with laughter and take care of the situation? We serve a BIG God! He is Mighty! He loves us with an everlasting love, and He wants more than us to see things going well in our life. However, He has ordained it that He will not act unless we act! If we decide that we can control things, and we can handle things, He lets us. He is not going to interfere with our will. People say to me, I am going through such and such, but God knows. Sure, He knows, but He is waiting to be asked before stepping in. Can you imagine David saying, “well, the enemy is getting closer, they want my life and they will brutally kill me if they catch up to me. But God knows.” And then he did nothing else, except to perhaps run as fast as he could? I don’t think so!! After he cries out to God, he finds a hiding place, and then he says “I lay down and slept; I awoke for the Lord sustained me. I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people Who have set themselves against me all around.” (Psalm 3:5) First he cried out, then he rested. This is a lesson for all of us. Speak to Him today with your voice, and then trust Him to answer.   God bless you,

In His Service,

Pastor Barbara