CHN is a network of volunteers from churches throughout the United States of America and throughout the nations. Our mission and passion is to carry on the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ.

AUGUST 2018 

“The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom; And before honor is humility”

(Prov. 15:33)

Dear Friends,

Trusting that all is well with you and your loved ones. We are all fine, and taking time out to evangelize and get to know our neighbors. We had a great time at the evangelism events that we were a part of, as it was great to meet with so many wonderful people.

The summer is a wonderful time to lay back, relax, and take time to review our outreaches, and dream of wonderful new events that God would have us to  be a part of. As we meet new people, and expand our territory, the Scripture that came to mind was Proverbs 15:33. When meeting new people or working with our team and other outreaches the thought that held my attention was how we are all so different in our thoughts, and our ways. Not everyone has the same ideas, experience, or attitude towards things. We are all so different!  But who is to say that my way is better, or the ways of others are better? Only God knows the outcome of these things. Think of how our streets have become a battlefield lately! Daily, people are working to get their opinion out there because after all, they know best?  Really? Ok, so now you know that my way is best! Laughing... Ok... in times like this, what are we to do? How do we handle the situation? Do we forge ahead and scream, or turn away and refuse to cause a battle?  Or, do we honor one another with peaceful, helpful, talk? Do we value the other person by listening, and by finding a way to meet the minds?  Which attitude gives Glory to God? Which attitude shows that we value the person we are speaking to? Which attitude shows honor and humility? 

I agree that we do not always have to agree. I agree that someone else may have the better answer. I also agree that humility should always be our attitude when in a discussion. If we are truly humble, we will allow for others to voice their thoughts and we will honor their opinion, even if we do not agree. What is the answer then? How do we deal with these situations? What response glorifies God?

Those who seek peace will be those who give honor. They are those who will agree to disagree and will truly listen to what God would have to say, followed by treating the other person with respect. World Leaders must work on this as their goal must be  to avoid confrontation and be an instrument of peace. So, why can’t we do this? Why can’t the Body of Christ be that instrument of peace?  I believe that our emotions get in the way so many times. We speak before hearing from God. We do not search His Word for answers. We think because we have education that we know it all! Not so! Proverbs 16:1 tells us: “The preparations of the heart belong to man. But the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.” Also, in verse 3 we have “Commit your works to the Lord, And your thoughts will be established.”  Therefore, God is always here to give us what we need when facing a situation of disagreement.  However, do we receive that? Or do we rush on to get OUR thoughts out?  If we are in a situation where two may not agree, or where we are being told what to do at work, or where we may not fully understand why something must be done a certain way, what is our response? Do we immediately get on the defensive, and refuse to cooperate? Or will we have an attitude of humility and agree to work with the person. Do we give honor to those in authority? Will we be open for peaceful discussion? Or do we insist on doing our own thing? Tell me, which do you think is better for our digestion? Think about it.

Let us for a few minutes think about honor. Mel Ponder wrote a book called “Honor: The Pathway to Community Transformation.”  In his book he speaks about how every person is valuable.

He states “Everyone has a significant call upon their life, and if they don’t do their role then your city, your community, your workplace is just not the same. We are called to ONE community as one body of believers in unity.”  He says we are all Watchmen on the Wall for our community, for our church, for our ministry, and for our workplace. Therefore, as a team we need to join hands, honor one another, and work to accomplish what God has given us to do. In all cases, it is to serve. A doctor serves, a lawyer serves, a grocery clerk serves, a teacher serves, and so on.”

However, how well do we serve? How do we look from other standpoints? Do others see us as  people who love? Are we seen as someone who values the opinions of others? Do we follow the instructions and the rules of our workplace or ministry? Do we see others as a threat instead? What takes up our time, thoughts, and attitude?  In work, or ministry, do we honor those who have been placed in charge by listening to instruction or following rules?  There is always a reason for a rule to be in place. Those in authority want to see the success of what we all do, together.  Also, if  everyone is in accord, for the betterment of the organization, it brings Glory to God. Let us always love at all times, be patient in all things, do our very best to give God the honor He deserves,  and value all who we come in contact with.

As we close, let us ask God to show us if we are not giving Him honor and glory in all that we do and say. Let us determine to follow Him in every way, and be a light to the world around us. Father, let us be instruments of Your peace. Let us give honor where due, celebrate our differences, and give respect and love in Your Name to all. Let us all be a representative of You to others, as we sow seeds of love, joy, peace and harmony, Amen.

In His Service,

Rev. Barbara A Yovino, Ph.D.