CHN is a network of volunteers from churches throughout the United States of America and throughout the nations. Our mission and passion is to carry on the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ.

January 2015

“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, And in His Word  I do hope.”
(Ps. 130:5)


Dear Friend,

Happy and Blessed New Year! Trusting that all is well with you and your loved ones,  that your holidays were peaceful, and your new year has started out wonderfully! We are all fine, and looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us at CHN this year. We are believing God for your year to be wonderful, with good health, peace, love, joy, and for all your needs to be met according to His riches in Glory. Many of us have been waiting for certain things in our life, and I believe this is the year of breakthroughs! As we waited, and as we placed our hope in Him, He will move swiftly now, and we will have a year of breakthroughs in the Spiritual realm and in the natural. Be expectant!

Now that winter is here on the East Coast, I personally enjoy having times of quiet and refreshing with the Lord. After a full day of ministry, it is so good to have a nice hot dinner, and then spend the evening under a comfy blanket while reading my Bible and giving praise to the Lord. There is nothing more soothing than to listen to soft, soaking, worship music while reading and praying. These times are precious! Because the nights are long, there is much time to wait on the Lord and place my focus on Him. The Scripture verse in Ps. 130:5 brings us to the place of quiet, the place of trust. 

There are times when we are so bogged down with work, or other areas of life that tend to take up our thoughts, our feelings, our focus, or attention. Sometimes, and I am prone to doing this, we tend to over commit ourselves to people or projects. It is during these times that we can very easily lose track of things as the day is spent crossing off to do lists!  Have I touched on something here? Be honest... take a look at your life right now. What is holding all of your attention? Is there a priority list? If so, what is it?

Even good things can take up all of our time!   While we may feel happy and contented,  we suddenly think, “Oh my gosh! Here it is bedtime and I never even took the time to pray or seek God! God, I am so sorry, I love you and please forgive me. “ Yes, God will forgive us, He always forgives us when we are truly sorry. And then a magnificent thing happens.... He purposely forgets! “I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins.” (Isaiah 25) (KJV)

Therefore, in our busyness, God does understand. However, He longs for our fellowship!  If you are a parent, aren’t you the happiest when your child wants to spend time with you? That is the way God feels, and even more so, since He created us!

This year, let us take time especially to wait upon the Lord, to listen to His voice, and feed upon His Word. Let us make a New Years Resolution to make Jesus first in our life. We may look at those in ministry and think “Wow! That person has to have a serious relationship with Jesus. Look at all he or she does for Him!” That is not always the case, because I think, especially when in ministry, so much takes up our time that are good things. A pastor has his or her roles in the church, evangelists travel around the world giving life changing messages, those of us at CHN love praying for people, and seeing to it that our callers receive references when needed. Most of us will take time to  bring someone to a doctors appointment, help a neighbor, drive seniors to do food shopping, etc. etc.  These are all absolutely wonderful things, and should be on our calendar, especially as Christians.

However it is not what we do that makes for a serious relationship with Him.  Making  time  with Jesus is  first priority. For most people that means getting up earlier in the morning to study the Word, pray, and seek His face. Others who are not morning people, may feel evening is best for them. Whatever time is best, that is the time to take. God is not going to put a clock in front of us and tell us when to visit. He is always happy just to hear our voice. When we take time to study His Word, He will make certain Scriptures stand out that may be just what we need to hear at that time! So, He does respond. Some people, including me, have heard His still small voice quickly answer something that was questioned. I remember once I was in deep prayer for one of my children. I asked God, “how long?” Suddenly a voice came, so quick that I turned around to see if someone was there! God said “Soon!” And my prayer was answered so beautifully; it was a miracle. When we take time to wait upon Him and feed upon His Word He will surprise us with answers.

Have you ever taken the time to sit and soak in His Presence? This can be done by going to a quiet place with low lighting, where there will be no interruptions. Sit and relax, and play a CD with soft worship music while meditating on God’s Presence. It is to me, the most wonderful way of meeting with my Savior, my Bridegroom, the Lover of my soul. Simply turn off the cares of the day, don’t  pray or ask Him for things.   Concentrate on Jesus, and praise Him and worship Him. Take time to be silent and let the music enter your soul. It is so refreshing. Allow God to minister to you. Receive from Him. He loves you with an everlasting love!

Father, in Jesus’ Name I lift up this reader to you, and place him or her in Your loving arms. Father, touch this person. Fill this person with your love and peace. Grant to this person the confidence that You are taking care of all that  has been prayed for.  Show what is important and what is on Your Heart to this person. Let this year be a year of peace, of good health, of joy, of victory, and especially a year of finding rest in You.  Thank You Father. Amen

In His Service,

Pastor Barbara