CHN is a network of volunteers from churches throughout the United States of America and throughout the nations. Our mission and passion is to carry on the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ.

March 2018 

And He said to them, ‘Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.’ For there were many coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat. So they departed to a deserted place in the boat by themselves.” (Mark 6:31-32)


March 2018

Dear Friend,

Trusting that all is well with you and your loved ones, and that you are getting geared up for Springtime. I know that I am! Each season has both its good and challenging times. I know that many people love the winter and the snow, but I will take Springtime! I yearn to see flowers, and greenery, and warm sunshine! Soon!

This passage in the Bible spoke to me this winter. It seemed as if there were so many things to do, and so many different challenges, that there were times when I really felt as if I was on a merry go round with no stopping!  I am sure you have had days like that too, and sometimes, weeks or even months! When I think of Jesus and His disciples as they walked from place to place to minister and heal the sick, I can only imagine how tired they must have gotten at times. Everywhere that Jesus went, the crowds followed, and people reached out to Him for healing and deliverance. Let us remember that Jesus had a physical body just like we do, and He must have really grown exhausted when ministering. Yet the people needed what He had to give, and they were desperate! Some needed deliverance, some needed healing for a loved one, and all needed to know the answers to their questions. They needed to know and understand the ways of God! Just think of how He sat and preached to thousands of people at a time! They were all so hungry to hear from Him. How hungry are we? Would we be willing to sit on a mountain with no food or water to hear Him preach for hours and hours? At one point Jesus had to multiply the loaves and the fishes so that everyone could eat!  Everything He said and did all led to the Cross. It all led to bringing salvation to all who would receive. It all led to bringing heaven to earth for mankind.

When I ponder upon all this, I am always led to the Cross of Calvary. Jesus had a mission here on earth, and He only had a time frame to do it in. There really was no time for rest. His concern and love for all of us led Him to move along quickly to get the job done. His chosen Apostles were right with Him, except for Judas of course at the end. They all followed Him, they learned from Him, they worked to get the people together to hear what He had to say. They gave up their lives to His cause; the salvation of every man, woman and child. They did not have cars, or planes, or buses and trains, they walked or rode on a donkey. They did this all joyfully! They knew they were privileged to be a follower of Christ! They saw the miracles, they saw the love He showed everyone. They also saw His wrath when it came to sin and disobedience to His Father and those who proclaimed to follow Him but did so out of gain.

As we draw near this month to the Cross, let us remember and appreciate all that He did for us!  Let us remember how He walked the earth as a human being, and like us, became tired at the end of the day. Let us recall and appreciate how He also understood how His Disciples felt at the end of the day! This was the most important work that anyone had to do, ever! Jesus left His home in heaven with His Father, to come to earth to save us all. Why? We certainly do not deserve it, we are all sinners. But because of His love, because of what He did for us if we receive Him into our heart, we become His brother or sister in Him!  Because he pressed in, because He was willing to go to the Cross and die for us, we have the victory over the devil. Thank You Jesus!!

If you have never asked Jesus to come into your heart as your Lord and Savior, now is the time to do it. Today is the day of Salvation! As we enter into this Holy Season, let us all take time out to rest, to meditate upon Him, to reach out to Him to let Him know we love Him and appreciate all that He has done for us. Please repeat this prayer after me.

“Lord Jesus I love You. Thank You for all that You have done for me. I confess to You that I am a sinner, and I ask You to forgive me of all my sins. I am sorry Jesus. Help me to live the Christian life, live Your life in me, and  help me to love the way that You love. Thank You Jesus that my sins are forgiven. Thank You Jesus that you now live in me, and I will live my life for You. Amen!”

If you have said this prayer, and meant it with all your heart, you are now “Born Again.” All of your past is gone, and everything becomes new! Write this day down and please call us and tell us that you prayed this prayer. We will send you a beautiful New Testament Bible, a special letter, and some tracts for you to read. Call 718-238-4600 today!

As you go on with your Christian life, you need to grow, you need to hear the Word of God, and let it touch your soul. If you do not have a church to go to, call 718-238-4600, and give our prayer partner your zip code and we will help you to find one.

Father, in Jesus Name, I ask You to touch this reader in a special way today. Help this person to learn how to rest in You. Help this person to simply enjoy Your Presence and understand the magnificent love You have for him or her. Thank You Jesus for all that You have done, and are doing in this persons life. Amen.



Rev. Barbara Anne Yovino, Ph.D.