CHN is a network of volunteers from churches throughout the United States of America and throughout the nations. Our mission and passion is to carry on the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ.

May 2008

Ah Sovereign Lord, I said, I do not know how to speak; for I am only a child.   (Jeremiah 1:6)


Dear Friend,

Greetings! Trusting that all is well with you and your loved ones. We are all well, and praising God for all that He is doing in our midst. Praise God, spring is here! Just look at the trees filled out in all their glory, and spring flowers bursting forth! Everything has color again and the air has that sweet smell of freshness. The birds are singing their joyful praises atop the magnificent trees lined upon our Brooklyn streets. I just love leaving my home early in the morning when the birds are just welcoming the day with their praises! As I listen and join in, the morning sky opens the heavens with the sun bursting forth, and my heart wells up with praise to my God! He is a Creative God, creating all of this for us to enjoy! Let us greet Him every morning with praise and thanksgiving, even when we have rain! When my children were little, we used to have fun going out and dancing in the rain. We would sing and dance and not care how wet we got! What fun! People would either laugh with us and join in, or they would give us that look.  (Smile).

Could we take this time today to become that child again? Could we laugh at life's craziness and unpredictable days of rain and sunshine? Could we listen to hear God's laughter as He watches His children play? Or have we become all so grown up, that life's seriousness and storms pull us down? If you are not sure where you are with this, let me ask you, when was the last time you walked in a park, or did something fun on the spur of the moment? When was the last time you visited with a friend over coffee? When was the last time you baked cookies and enjoyed them hot while you put your feet up and watched a funny movie?  If it has been a while, pencil a day in your calendar and do it!

Jeremiah had a call on his life at a young age; he could have been a teenager at the time, it is not sure. God said He set him apart and appointed him as a Prophet to the Nations while he was still in the womb. (Vs. 4,5) When Jeremiah said he was only a child, God told him not to be afraid, that He would put His Words in his mouth. (Vs. 7-10). Wow! Here was a young boy, thinking that he had nothing to give to the Lord because of his age. Yet, what was his response to God's call? He believed God, and followed through! His childlike faith helped him to press on and fulfill his calling. Yes, he had his hard times, there were many times when he just wanted to give up, saying it was too difficult. And it was difficult! (20:9)

Isn't this the way life is?  God formed us in our mothers womb with a plan and a purpose. He gives us wonderful things to enjoy in life, and when we become as a child,

we can kick up our heels and shout with joy for all that He is doing! Glory! This is all part of His plan!  However, even more precious, are the times of hearing His voice and going where He wants us to go, and doing what He wants us to do. This can be as easy as teaching Sunday School, witnessing to our neighbors, helping someone in need, visiting the sick, going the distance to be a peacemaker, praying for someone who asked for prayer, filling in for a co-worker who is caregiver for an elderly parent. Or it can mean Pastoring a church, traveling as an Evangelist, leaving all to go to foreign missions, or partnering with a ministry that is doing a good work. There is so much more! Think of your own life and how you have answered the call many times! Did you take your neighbor to a doctor? Did you bring a hot meal to your parents who are not well? Think about it.... You will realize that you are answering God's call on your life!

Today, think of the joys that God has given you, and then think of the joy that you have when serving others. It all goes together! As we grow, we learn and begin to understand more about this life we are living. For those of us who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, we know the joy of salvation. We understand that there is more to life than meets the eye. Jeremiah was called to announce what God was going to do in Judah. The message gave warning, but it also gave hope. Jeremiah was simply the instrument that God used for this, and he was faithful in doing so.

I want to encourage you at this point to know that there is tremendous joy in fulfilling God's calling for your life! Yes, it has its good times and bad, as with everything in life. There are days when we will stop to smell the roses and we will, like a child, sing and dance before the Lord in total abandonment. God loves that!! He wants us to have those joyful times! 

The thought I am trying to express is this. Let us become passionate in all we do! When we are joyful, let us dance! When we are called to meet challenges, let us with God's joy in our heart meet those challenges straight on! Let us have faith as a child, knowing that if God has called us to be that peacemaker, feed that family, offer hope and courage to the sick, and press on with all of our might in spite of obstacles coming against us, let us do so with firm determination! Let us do so with holy passion, and with the Lord's joy in our hearts! Let us rise up as Jeremiah did as child, trusting that what God said He will perform!

Father, in Jesus Name, I lift up this reader to You. I ask You Lord to touch this person in a powerful way. Pour out Your love and hope and joy into this person’s heart. Give this person a passionate heart for You and the things that concern You. Give this person the hope and courage to press on to his or her calling. You have a work for this person to do. You have created this person in his or her mother's womb, and You created this person for Your glory. You perfectly knitted this person together, and safely brought him or her into this world. You have called this person by name, You know this person; You know where this person lives; You know what this person needs right now. You want to give him or her joy today! Lord, speak to the readers heart and bring forth joy as the rising son bursting through the morning sky! Bring healing, restoration, peace, love, joy, and all that is of You, for Your honor and glory. In Jesus' Name we pray. Amen, and amen!

In His Service,

Pastor Barbara