CHN is a network of volunteers from churches throughout the United States of America and throughout the nations. Our mission and passion is to carry on the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ.

May 2012

You have turned for me my mourning into dancing: You have put off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness.” (Ps. 30:11)

 Dear Friend,

Trusting that all is well with you and your loved ones. Thank God, we are fine and God’s work is going forward in spite of the enemy’s attacks. It has been a rough couple of months for me, basically, not the ministry. All is well, our volunteers are by the phones, the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem is moving forward, new State and City Coordinators are signing up, and our Senior to Senior Care Call Team is ministering to their seniors. It is because of your giving, and your prayers that everything is moving forward. You are much loved and appreciated! Thank you for all you do!

In February I went through a trial that I never expected to happen, ever... I was having work done outside and somehow a spark or heat from friction on the ground caused a fire. That night instead of going to bed early like I normally do, I decided to complete a project for the Day of Prayer. I sat at my dining room table working on my laptop, and worked for a while, not paying attention to anything because I was in deep concentration. Suddenly I noticed that smoke was coming into my living room and into the dining room! I went to see where it was coming from, and found a flame shooting up from the concrete through the corner of the door. I immediately ran to get water, my cell phone and pocketbook, and while pouring water on the flame, I called the Fire Dept. When they came it looked like nothing much was happening, but a neighbor saw smoke coming up the door to the awning. That was when the firemen broke my doors and all the framing around it, and flames shot up into the air! They immediately sprayed water over the area, ran into the house, and broke ceilings and walls to see if anything was behind it. I called my friends up the block and the husband came over quickly. By then I was freezing because I neglected to get my coat before running out, which was smart, I’m sure.. He took over while my neighbors took me in and comforted me. One neighbor had a fire last year so she gave me numbers to call to get people in to help: someone to put machines in every room that take in the carbon monoxide, someone to take all my clothes, sheets, all material items to a cleaner that does special cleaning to rid the material from carbon monoxide and clean the clothes at the same time. Also, someone came to board up the empty doorway. That night I slept at my daughters house, but then since my insurance agent said to stay at a hotel if need be, I opted for that since it was closer to my home. All this being said, the men who did the work were not at fault, they came over when they received the call regarding what happened, and were visibly upset. Actually when I saw them, I decided they needed prayer and comfort and I focused on them. However, as days passed by, I understood more about the psalmist who wrote the passage from Ps. 30. I felt as if I was wearing sackcloth and ashes, mourning my comfortable home. In the natural, I was not wearing sackcloth, the insurance paid for some new clothes to tide me over, but inside I questioned “what is happening here? Why Lord? What lesson did you want me to learn?” What happened that You allowed this to happen? My life was saved, that is for sure! So I was protected. I felt a little like Job when he was being tested. God allowed things to happen in his life, but he could not be killed. That seemed to be the case here. I found myself mourning for my home. I have always worked hard to keep it clean and well kept. Did I by any chance make my home an idol? I don’t think so. No, I would say not... So, why? As the days passed by things started to look brighter. One door, the security door was in stock at the store. The entrance door came the next week. The contractor was intent on doing all the fixing in the house. As the walls and ceiling were fixed and painted, I began to feel better. Then the whole house was painted inside. Men came in to sand and varnish my floors that were damaged. My living room set and mattresses had to be thrown out and new ones were replaced. An associate pastor at my church works in a furniture store, and I chose furniture that I loved. All is falling into place so quickly, that I know that God is orchestrating everything. All glory to Him!

In our lifetime, we do seem to go from glorious to mourning to so many different emotions. Things happen that we least expect, whether it is a death of a loved one, an end to a marriage, a sickness, a disappointment in school or at work, a betrayal... we could go on and on...However, if we look back we can see how God has taken us through it all. When things look the darkest, that is when He suddenly shows up! Don’t you just love His “suddenlies?” It is like the sun coming out after a season of rain and darkness! Suddenly, things are okay. We may not have life as we had it before, things may be different. I always felt as if my home is my sanctuary, and I love the coziness of it. It is a “safe” place, a place where I could put my feet up and rest, and spend time with the Lord. And yes, He kept it safe....

As I look around now after all the work has been done, I can see a brand new “safe” place! I see a new sanctuary; a bright and new beginning; a place where I can be alone with the Lord in bright, new surroundings. All the smoke and dust is gone. Workers are no longer banging away doing their job to make my home new. I no longer have to sleep in a chair because the top floor is being worked on. Suddenly, the sun is shining, the house sparkles, there is laughter again, everything is peaceful. What a Mighty God we serve!

When we go through trials in life, we really have to know that everything has an end. Suddenly there is joy again! Suddenly the clouds are gone and the sun is shining! Today, do a prophetic act, stand and turn around and declare out loud, “Father, in Jesus’ Name, You are turning my mourning into dancing! Amen! Father, in Jesus Name we thank You and praise You for Your love, Your concern, and how You care for me! I declare that You have turned my situation around and Your Word is for me right now!. ‘You have turned my wailing into dancing; ...’ And I will rejoice! Amen!”

God bless you!

Pastor Barbara